Turn On Your Fat Shrinking Signal And Start Losing Weight After Pregnancy

Piling on the extra fat layers is one of the biggest and most common problems that people have to face these days. Obesity is increasing at a very fast and alarming pace. As frightening as these words are; ‘weight gain’ and ‘fat’, these terms become music to the ears when you are pregnant! This is the best excuse to gain weight and not worry about it. Pregnancy is actually the time when you gain weight shamelessly and continue indulging in foods you love. However, while you satisfy all your cravings and put on oodles of extra weight it is also important to remember that all this weight will need to go off after you welcome your baby. Losing weight after pregnancy is a real challenge. But with the right help, there is nothing easier in the world to do!

normal weight gain during pregnancy

What’s normal weight gain during pregnancy?

There is no certain amount or numerical value that can be given as ‘normal’ weight gain while you are expecting a child. It highly depends on the BMI i.e. body mass index of the women for how much weight they are most likely to put on and to what extent is the weight gain normal. The BMI is calculated in accordance to the height and weight and age is also taken into consideration. On an average scale, around 25 to 30 pounds i.e. 11 to 14 kg weight gain is normal for women to gain while pregnant.

Gaining too much weight during pregnancy?

If you don’t want to face any serious trouble for losing weight after pregnancy, make sure you do not gain too much! There are simple tricks and tips for losing belly weight after pregnancy that will only work if the fat does not get too stubborn or exceeds a healthy, optimal level. The thing about gaining too much weight while you are pregnant is that it is not healthy; not for the baby and surely not for your health.

Gaining too much i.e. more than what is considered ‘normal increase in weight during pregnancy’ directly translates into serious health concerns. Women become excessively prone to developing gestational diabetes and high blood pressure (hypertension). These health conditions do not only continue while you are expecting your child but will last after delivery too. Secondly, excess weight gain results in complications in labor too. Moreover, the more weight you gain; the difficult it will be to shed it off.

gaining enough weight during pregnancy

Not gaining enough weight during pregnancy?

While it is not healthy to gain excess weight while you are pregnant with your child, not putting on enough is not healthy too! In fact, while putting on a lot of weight is troublesome for your health and will make it difficult for you to shed it off; putting on less weight have adverse health effects for the baby. Every 1 out of 5 women do not gain enough weight during pregnancy which leads to malnutrition for the developing baby. This also results in many complications during labor.

Weight gain division during pregnancy

The thing about weight loss is that it gets better and the process gets smoother as you continue to understand all the details about it. When we talk about pregnancy weight, if you want know how it is possible for losing water weight after pregnancy or weight overall; you should first understand where all of it goes in the body. However, good news is that losing weight after pregnancy if not difficult at all if you gain just the right amount of body weight in the process. According to an average estimate, an average woman gains around 30 pounds while she is expecting a child. The division for a 30 pounds weight gain is as following.

• The baby will be around 7 to 8 pounds of the total weight. In rare cases, the baby can weigh even more
• Placenta is around 1.5 to 2 pounds
• Amniotic fluid is around 2 to 2.5 pounds
• The uterine enlargement adds at least 3 pounds to the overall body weight
• Maternal fat storage is around 7 pounds; this is likely to come off while breastfeeding
• Maternal breast enlargement causes the tissues to pile on more as well. This will weigh around 2 pounds as well
• 4 to 6 pounds of the body weight is actually the increased blood volume inside the mother’s body

Normal calorie intake during pregnancy

Normal calorie intake during pregnancy

While we talk about how to lose weight after pregnancy while breastfeeding or with other tactics, there is another important factor that can make the difference. You can watch the amount of calories you intake during each of your trimester to ensure that the amount of weight you are gaining is not excess or more than it should be. For this purpose, a normal and healthy calorie intake during pregnancy is imperative.

Undoubtedly, you must already have heard about how it important it is to eat for two people while you are pregnant. This is NOT TRUE! Pregnancy should not become your excuse to pile on the extra kilos because that is certainly not the case. A normal and healthy calorie intake is advised for a balanced and wholesome pregnancy diet.

First trimester calorie intake
During the first trimester i.e. first 3 months, you do not need to intake any additional calories than you already are. Thus, do no start eating for two from the day you get a positive pregnancy test result.

Second trimester calorie intake
The 4, 5 and 6 months of pregnancy is when you should incorporate an additional 300 to 400 calories per day into your diet.

Third trimester calorie intake
The last trimester is when you should allow yourself to indulge in foods that will give you an additional 500 to 600 calories per day. The last trimester requires the maximum calorie intake because it is consumed in form of energy by the baby. Secondly, this additional energy is also helpful for the development of the child.



Does pregnancy weight come off?

One of the most commonly asked and answered question, almost every year is how much weight loss after pregnancy is possible? Women are always concerned with this thing. They are always curious that will they be able to get back into shape and get their pre-baby body back! Of course nobody wants to deny the happiness and blessings of a child but that does not mean you have to or you should live with the excess fat. Losing weight after pregnancy is most certainly possible and not the difficult too! In fact there are many healthy ways that make it possible to shed off the extra body weight effectively. Women who breastfeed naturally tend to drop the body weight. Watching what you eat after your baby comes and trying to engage in light physical activities are also helpful too.
As already mentioned above, it is crucial that you gain the right amount of weight during while you are expecting because this also plays a crucial role in losing weight fast after pregnancy. However, many people are unaware of the role body hormones play to facilitate weight loss in the women body. You can activate your fat shrinking signals to ensure that the excess weight comes off.

Role of Leptin Hormone in the Human Body

Leptin is a hormona that is produced inside the human body by the fat cells of the body. This hormone is also popularly known as the starving hormone. The target area of this hormone is the hypothalamus, which is a part of the human brain. The role of leptin is very interesting and very important as far as weight balance in the human body is concerned. Leptin sends messages to the brain to store fat and to stop eating if you don’t feel hungry. It also tells the brain to actively send orders to the body to continue burning calories at a normal pace.

In addition to weight regulation, leptin has other important roles in the human body as well. It plays a major role in fertility, immunity and important cognitive functions. However, over the years the main purpose of leptin has always been the regulation and balancing body fat.

Leptin Resistance causes excess weight gain

Leptin Resistance causes excess weight gain
Leptin, as it has been already mentioned above, is a hormone that is produced inside the human by the fat cells of the body. Thus, higher amounts of body fat means you have more fat cells in the body. This also holds true for expectant mothers. Hence, this means that the leptin hormones should be more in people with more fat cells and their brain should tell them they do not need to eat as they already have enough amounts of stored body fat. However, the basic problem that comes with increase in body weight is that the leptin hormone becomes dysfunctional. This is termed as leptin resistance. The two basic dysfunctional roles that leptin resisttance performs in the human body are the following.
• You begin to eat more because your body does not get the signals or the messages that you already have enough fat stored.
• The brain tells the body to save energy and not to burn down the calories to use as energy to carry out important functions.


Fat Shrinking Signal for Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss

The fats shrinking signal is actually a product that intends to activate the fat reducing signals inside the human body. It is actually 100% guaranteed to work and facilitate weight loss for women post-pregnancy without causing much trouble. This product is the help for losing weight after pregnancy that all women look for. However, before we jump into more details it is first crucial to understand how it exactly works to kick start and boost weight loss process.

1. Activation of signals
While weight loss is generally believed to be a very slow and gradual process, it is not the same case any longer. The first thing that it does inside the human body is bring the body weight immediately for instant results that can be felt and seen. Incorporating the use of this product with your diet and workout regime will make the results appear from day 1 of usage. It activates all the fat reducing signals that are then sent throughout the body to all fat cells. Fat cells that become bigger in size due to accumulation of fat instantaneously begin to reduce in size and become smaller.

2. Deactivating hormonal defects
Humans are salve to the needs of their body. As mentioned above, there is a hormonal defect known as leptin resistance that is blamed for keeping us fat against our will and control. This fat cutter target this hormonal defect and turns off the switch. It is more like finishing off the villain that has kept your from losing weight up till now.

3. Targets belly fat while fighting off health problems
The most stubborn and hard to burn off fat layer in the body is the belly fat. This product is effective and trusted because it targets the belly fat from day 1. But this is not the best part. The best part is that while it burns off the abdominal fat layers, it also works to fight off serious health problems that often accompany weight gain during pregnancy. This includes preventing the body against hypertension, diabetes and heart diseases.

Why fat shrinking signal?

There is a major reason why you should trust the fat shrinking signals to lose body fat after you deliver your baby safely. Yes, it will turn off the hormonal defects i.e. leptin resistance. But there are several other reasons why this product needs to be trusted for effective weight loss as well.

1. You don’t have to work out crazily
The best thing about this product is that it does not ask you to work out crazily for hours every day just to get the weight loss results that you are looking for. After going through pregnancy and delivering a child, a woman’s body changes drastically. Women are no longer able to engage in gruesome exercise that leave the body muscles aching and in pain. Luckily, this product doesn’t even ask you to do that! There is no longer the need to torture your own body like that just to get back into shape!

2. You don’t need to lift heavyweights
Does lifting heavyweights to lose weight seem a little absurd to you? Of course it does! Lifting weights when you want to lose body fat and get thin does actually the opposite. It leaves you feeling muscular and bulky. This product asks you to no longer juggle the weights.

3. You don’t have to count every calorie you intake
Losing body weight is actually the worse thing because it normally means you cannot indulge in the foods you like. In fact, it means you have to count every calorie that passes into your mouth. But with the fat shrinking signals you don’t have to count every calorie you intake. You are allowed to eat everything and have no strict rules to stick to a single diet plan.

4. You don’t have to worry about body detoxification
As far as weight loss is concerned, in the recent years it has become popular that you need to clean the body of all toxins to make sure that you continue to shed the extra fat off effectively. This is why you will most see new mothers making detox drinks with different combination ingredients and drinking them all day in hope to detoxify the body. This product eliminates the needs of body detoxification and cleansing as well. You no longer have to worry about the toxins leaving the body in order to lose weight.

How does fat shrinking signal work?

Step 1: By using this product you start noticing visible weight loss results from day 1. It is also termed as ‘instant liposuction’ because it is much similar in function and outcome.

Step 2: The second step is that it turns on the fat signals in the body. These signals are delivered to all body parts to let them know that there is excess fat in the body that needs to come off.

Step 3: It activates the internal fat burning system of the human body. Thus the moment it enters the body, the fat burning process is initiated. The good thing is that along with weight loss, there are other numerous benefits that it offers for the human body such as it also activates the anti-aging enzymes in the body.

Step 4: This product should be credited for inducing and facilitating fest weight loss. Once you begin using this product, you start to lose body fat at a very rapid pace. This happens because the body’s metabolism begins working at a 3 times higher pace. This also is helpful to regulate the blood pressures and blood sugars levels of women that are likely to increase during pregnancy.

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